Our Tricking Classes Rock!

Martial Arts Tricking has evolved out of the various performance martial arts. Wu shu and XMA have had a massive influence on the modern tricking world although the emphasis is not on form or performance but unadulterated Flow! Tricking is an insanely complex encyclopaedia of acrobatic movement that will keep you immersed and inspired by the possibilities of the human body.

Student Feedback

Flow is an excellent, well equipped facility that has helped me progress more with my tricks and I definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting to learn something new or if you need a place to train your pre-existing moves.

Martial Arts Tricking Coaching System

Martial Arts Tricking runs from 5 years all the way up to adult classes, within the age groups, the classes are separated in to four different skill levels:

Just beginning to get a grasp of the basic fundamental skills


Minorly experienced and ready to try some mid level skills


Experienced and capable of doing all the basic motions required


Expert level, attempting high level skills


Tricking is an insanely technical flurry of kicks, twists and unorthodox flips in creatively intricate combinations.


 Tricking is commonly understood as cinematic martial arts or “fighting invisible ninjas”. It is a flow and inner focused ‘non-competitive’ practice.


“Trickers” have and continue to create movements at the edge of human potential.



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