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Ts & Cs

1.  Entry must be acknowledged by our staff and paid for PRIOR to entering a class or session.

2.  If you make a booking and don't attend, you will still be responsible for the payment of the booking.

3.  A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given should you choose to cancel, change or postpone the booking.

4.  Please do not attend classes if you are sick and contagious. If we are informed via phone message or email prior to a class starting, make ups (within the same term) or drop-in session credits are available.

5.  Participating in Flow activities involves some physical risks and a chance of personal injury.

6.  Entry to Flow is at the users discretion, we accept no liability for injuries sustained by individuals who do not follow all of our rules and regulations.

7.  Please read and adhere to all posted guidelines inside Flow and adhere to all instructions given to you by staff.

8.  Before attempting anything you have not tried before, ask a Flow staff member. If they tell you not to try a dangerous move, do not try it.

9.  Use of the foam pad, trampoline, parkour structures, bars and tumbling floor is at your own risk, please inform a Flow employee if you notice a hazard as soon as you can.

10.  Only appointed Flow staff are allowed to offer tuition and spotting at Flow, any outsider teaching or spotting is strictly forbidden.

11.  Flow takes no responsibility for lost or damaged personal belongings, please take care of your own belongings or use the storage areas provided.

12.  Please consider the safety of yourself and others, check around corners of parkour equipment and communicate with other participants when jumping into the foam pad.

13.  Do not climb on top of the orange marked boxes or structures without permission from a Flow employee.

14.  Children in the dependent classes must be actively supervised. Active care is important for their safety and the safety of the other children attending, it is also an important function of providing the children with an effective learning environment.

15.  No food or drink is allowed on the gym floor, trampolines or parkour equipment. The office or seated area may be used for light snacks or refreshments. Flow is a chewing gum free zone.

16.  Please respect our equipment, any purposeful or reckless damage of our equipment, including tagging, may result in being banned from Flow Academy. You will also be invoiced for reimbursement for the damage caused.

17.  Lighters and matches are strictly forbidden in Flow, please ensure that you have not brought any with you.

18.  Flow is and will always be, a smoke-free environment.

19.  Any customers judged to be under the influence of alcohol or other illicit substances will not be allowed onto the premises. No alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted on site.

20.  Please verbally inform us of any medical conditions that may affect your ability to partake in regular Flow activities so that we can best accomodate your needs.

21.  Please do not participate in Flow activities if you have health risks, severe injuries or a heart condition.

22.  The use of headphones in Flow is strictly forbidden, participants must be able to hear Flow staff at all times and be free to hear the movement of others to aid in safety.

23.  Please be courteous to other attendees. Flow does not accept physical violence or bullying of any form. If you feel someone has crossed the line, let a Flow staff member know immediately.

24.  All spectators must stay off our equipment and ensure any minors with them do as well.

25.  Website payments are not instant and can take up to 48 hours for your bank to clear the amount. Please ensure that funds are available for this time. The payment will come up as 'EZIDEBIT' on your bank statement.

Need more information or have a query - our Flow team would be happy to help you!

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