Our Circus Classes are Magical!

Circus adagio is the art of “dancing” with a partner, the classes will focus on partner skills. Skills like learning to safely lift a body in to the air, demonstrating your physical prowess, or fly above, showcasing your balance and grace. Aerial skills are intertwined with these classes and students will get a taste of the various aerial acts of the circus as well as a look in to the rest of the deep and mysterious circus world.

Student Feedback

After watching my son’s Flow classes, I found myself wishing that it was me out there having all that fun, so I took a huge leap out of my comfort zone and joined the Adult’s Street Workout, Circus and Tricking classes and I totally love it! The instructors are super motivational, encouraging and passionate about their art! I love the camaraderie between the students as we sweat it out, celebrate new accomplishments and laugh at our epic fails together!

Circus Arts Coaching System

Circus Arts runs from 5 years all the way up to adult classes, within the age groups, the classes are separated in to four different skill levels:

Just beginning to get a grasp of the basic fundamental skills


Minorly experienced and ready to try some mid level skills


Experienced and capable of doing all the basic motions required


Expert level, attempting high level skills

Circus Arts

Performance, Drama and Magic

Have you ever dreamed of exploring a world of mystique? We offer a partner adagio focused look in to the wonder-filled worlds of circus arts. Learn to dazzle onlookers with partner lifts, technical juggling feats and graceful aerial silks and lyra.



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