Our Preschool Movement Classes are so Much Fun!

For our little ones who are learning to walk or just walking we learn with…


Music! In Flow classes we know that music develops rhythm and audio-motive association. We sing, dance and learn moves through repetition to help develop skills in a fun way!


Stimulation! We create a striking environment to invoke participation and progress imagination.  Playing with shape, colour and texture we manipulate tactile objects and engage our young minds!


Balance! Let’s wobble, twist and turn upside down! Because especially as our inner ear develops we can train carefully ourselves to maintain balance on unstable surfaces, to spin without getting too dizzy and to invert without fear and with great body awareness!


For our little ones who are learning to communicate we learn with…


Coordination! Now that we have a strong grasp of basic mobility we need more challenging obstacles! climbing, hanging, balancing and swinging are just a few elements of our weekly courses!


Expression! As we are just learning to communicate we need more examples of positive expression! In Flow Classes we work on introductions, basic manners and kindness amongst the action!


Discipline! As we get ready for independant classes we need to learn listening skills, patience and how to play fairly. Flow games are fun, but you will only get to play if you learn to listen and play nicely!


For our little ones who becoming independant we learn with…


Social Interaction! Getting involved in group activities, teamwork and helping each other we strongly encourage interaction. Our class programme allows children to have some say themselves! We demonstrate social confidence and breaking out of your shell and the kids follow suit


Imagination! Our little ones are now very capable and captured by fantasy! Our classes involve strong elements of pretend and acting, we might be in a martial arts movie scene or sneaking past a sleeping bear!


Physical Prowess! Through our independant classes we teach the basics of Parkour, Tricking, Breaking, Tumbling, Street workout and Circus! kids develop amazing coordination and skill mastery while getting to understand that it is all part of a bigger picture!


Student Feedback

"Going to the ‘Flow Toddlers’ sessions with my 20 month old daughter is one of the highlights of my week. Dion and Tracey put on a wonderful variety of fun and engaging activities each week that really foster the inquisitive mind of the toddler!"

"Their preschool class is excellent and my daughter loves it! Thanks to Dion for an amazing program for the kids."

Preschool Class Ages

Our pre-school movement classes work on the following age ranges:
Babes (1 to 2 years)

We are the walking stage kids! We just started walking which is quite a feet (ha!) and all the more ready to stride towards many more learnings through music puppet shows, acrobatic parent skills, swings, sights, sounds, tactile textures and more!

(2 years to 3½ years)

We are the communication stage kids! We are starting to learn many more skills on our own and are learning to listen and understand! These classes focus on fun in our skill, songs, dances, relays and awesome hanging equipment!

(3½ years to 5 years)

We are the independant kids! We run the show! Now we focus on imagination, fitness, gross motor skills, social positivity and a super array of all our basic flow disciplines. All mixed together creating a wildly unpredictable cocktail of fun and development.

Pre School Movement

Foundational movement fun for ages 1 year onwards!


At Flow our pre-school movement classes are a super flurry of activities for your little ones development!



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