Our Street Workout Classes are Tough (and Enjoyable)!

Street Workout is a mastery over your body, over your physical capability, finding what is weak and going at it. At Flow we work on state of the art sprung floors and our equipment allows for a large variety of movements, maximising your Street Workout.


The awesome thing about Street Workout is that there are many skills to focus on, you will always have a driving factor, you aren’t aiming for some illusory concept of ‘fit’ you are trying to get those muscle ups, you are trying to get a flat planche, you can see your results in the skills you can perform, your goals are real, measurable and they are totally impressive.

Student Feedback

"Such an awesome gym"

"Solid place to train that’s close to home"

Calisthenics Coaching System

Street Workout Callisthenics runs from 18 years all the way up to adult classes, within the age groups, the classes are separated in to four different skill levels:

Just beginning to get a grasp of the basic fundamental skills


Minorly experienced and ready to try some mid level skills


Experienced and capable of doing all the basic motions required


Expert level, attempting high level skills

Street Workout  & Bootcamp

Functional Strength and Cool Skills

Our class for Street Workout Callisthenics is here to make you strong, really strong, with real-life practical application. We want to create a training environment that will push you to your limits and really produce testable results.



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