Our Parkour Classes are Awesome!

Parkour is a movement through space and around obstacles. It is the practice of ease and efficiency of motion, being able to overcome obstacles and flow through an environment, enjoying the thrill of reacting to the landscape as it rushes towards you.  Free-running is a similar experience, but it is much more focused on tricks and aesthetics, the freerunner is more engaged with the tricks and technical skill while the parkour practitioner sinks in to his experience and the smoothness of motion.

Student Feedback

Awesome place. My son loves parkour and the workshops.


Flow allows kids to get creative with movement and think outside of the box in a safe environment.

Parkour & Freerunning

Parkour is Overcoming Obstacles!

This is a fun and energetic class focusing on jumping, vaulting, climbing, swinging, diving, rolling and balancing across different heights and distances! We learn specific movements that help us get ready for efficient motion and cool freerunning twists and flips. We seek to understand our true limits navigating space consciously and safely.

Parkour Coaching System


Just beginning to get a grasp of the basic fundamental skills


Minorly experienced and ready to try some mid level skills


Experienced and capable of doing all the basic motions required


Expert level, attempting high level skills

Parkour and Freerunning run from 5 years all the way up to adult classes, within the age groups, the classes are separated in to four different skill levels:



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