Our Breaking Classes Rock!

Hip-hop Breaking or “Break-Dancing” is an acrobatic art form that originated in New York in the 60’s and 70’s as one of the original elements of Hip-Hop. It is the dance you will recognise by the dancers getting down on the floor on their hands and feet, moving quickly and dynamically to a hip-hop beat. Hip-hop breaking is also well known for its more acrobatic movements like head-spins and back flips.  Our classes will focus on building an understanding of the movements in breaking through a skill development program and a strong focus on rhythm and practical application of dance to music.

Student Feedback

It is so inspiring watching my son develop incredible new physical skills in the Flow breaking and tricking classes. Being a very active and energetic kid, he thrives in the high-energy atmosphere at Flow where he is learning to push the boundaries of his physical capabilities in a safe and controlled environment.

The talented team of instructors at Flow are just the kind of strong, positive role models that every boy needs!

Hip-Hop Breaking Coaching System

Hip-Hop Breaking runs from 5 years all the way to adult classes, within the age groups, the classes are separated in to four different skill levels:

Just beginning to get a grasp of the basic fundamental skills


Minorly experienced and ready to try some mid level skills


Experienced and capable of doing all the basic motions required


Expert level, attempting high level skills

Hip-Hop Breaking

Breaking is a rhythmic, acrobatic, awe-inspiring and creative dance form! We learn top rocks, drops, footwork, freezes, powermoves and sick blow ups!

Combining finesse and style with amazing physical strength and technical understanding, you will see why this is the most demanding dance form on the planet.



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