BANDIT Learning System

Bandit is our learning and grading system that keeps track of your progress by comparing your achievements against thousands of Flow skills.  These are the same skills that are taught in our classes.

Get Your Skills Recorded

Sunday 12:30pm-2:00pm

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Bandit uses four levels of skill represented by nifty wrist-bands


There are white, orange, blue and black to collect!


Your first massive achievement knocking out the basic fundamental skills


Confident grasp of intermediate skills and combinations


Freedom and control of your movement at an advanced level


A Flow master, ease of movement in your expert skill levels

Whether you want to focus on fundamentals or train technical tricks, in Bandit you need 30% score to be ready to grade. So you can personalise your movement path and excel in wildly different ways!


How do I get going?

We record your skills in our Sunday drop-in sessions 12:30-2pm every week! Get some skills under your belt to be ready for grading!



I’ve got enough skills to grade now, how do I get my band?

Talk to your teacher about what you will need to prepare for your next grading event! It’s time to put all those skills to the test and become a LEGEND


We have monthly grading days at Flow. Gradings run for 2.5 hours and cost $35.

Note the number of gradings available per grading session will be limited so you will need to book


Our classes are separated into different skill levels so that all students can learn at their own pace and have a level of achievement to aim for.  Once students can demonstrate the skills required to move up to the next level they will be awarded a coloured wrist band that they can wear to Flow to show off their achievement.  Each new  level has a greater degree of difficulty.


At Flow we believe in self achievement and providing the opportunity for every student to become a master.  We use AIM to help students reach their potential.  Each skill will be graded depending on how well you do it!

Attain  You have the basic premise | 3-4 criteria (1 point)

Improve You have control and consistency | 5-6 criteria (2 points)

Master  You have complete control and precision | 7 criteria (3 points)


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